Sunday, January 20, 2008

Minnesota 13 Mousse

old recipe
Minnesota 13 Mousse
1C. heavy cream
1 pinch of salt
5t. powered sugar
2 egg whites
1/2 gallop of Minnesota 13
whip the cream until it is medium thick
fold in sugar & salt
mix until stiff, add Minnesota 13, to stiffly beaten egg whites & fold this mixture into whipped cream
place in a flat pan or trat & set outside to freeze for about 4 hours
stir & scrape down the pan when the mousse stiffens.
(gallop= pour a gallop into glass drink half, throw rest into recipe)

Holdingford Inflation Since 1908

Just a hint of inflation
From the 1908 Dec. 17 Advertiser
Klisch & Langslet:
Men's all wool flannel shirt $ 1.25
Children's coat .95
Men's pant .95
40 piece decorated China set $3.50
Men's winter clothing suits $4.95
The Holdingford Market
Turkeys live per lb. .10
chickens-young .06
hogs-dressed per lb. .051/2
beef-on hoof .02 to .03
eggs per dozen .28
A Holdingford Liquor license was $500- Holdingford gave out 3 licenses which comprised the funding for the operation of the city- the city license was just in 2007 was again to $500 for the first time since the reopening of selling licenses after prohibition ended in 1934.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More on the Minnesota 13 Shirts

In case you missed it, the Mn 13 shirts we designed and had made are a fund raiser for the Holdingford Area Historical Society. Buy one or two or a dozen for the family, we are trying to raise funds to move a one room school house into town. They are for sale at the Corner Pizza and Antiques and the Municipal Liquor Store in Holdingford. Even some St. John's students found Holdingford and enjoyed their visit and pizza at the The Corner Pizza & Antiques. Verified by this youtube video they have proclaimed it the best pizza they had ever had in a antique store.