Saturday, August 29, 2009

Philipsek and Welna family histories

Louie Welna, of Milton, Vermont has done a fantastic job researching the Philipsek and Welna family histories. This history is broken down into a sections on the old country , where he traced the family beginnings, as well as interviews, photos and family tree in this country. If you follow these links you can read Philipsek and Welna family histories.
Philipsek Part1a (old country)
Philipsek Part1b (old country)
Philipsek Part1c (old country)
Philipsek Part 2
Philipsek Part 3
Philipsek Part 4
Philipsek Part 5
Philipsek Part 6

I would like to note if there are other familes of the area that would like to create a link to the Holdingford Historical site let us know.

The Biglist of the people of Holdingford

Those who are interested in Holdingford should be aware of the book 'Ford in the River' by Father vincent A Yzermans written in 1985. We are very pleased to have been given access to the complete index of names mentioned in the book.
This massive list was compiled by Louis D. Welna as part of writing the history of the Philipsek & Welna family histories. He said it took a year to compile this list, which is very understandable as it is 145 pages long !
you can read The Biglist of the people of Holdingford.
A big thank you Louie !!