Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Annual Tree lighting ceremony.

First time at the Holdingford Area Historical Museum. Organized by the Pedals to Petals Garden Club and the HAHS.

Partial funding from the Initiative Foundation and the H.I.P. committee and the Holdingford Commercial club.

We thought very successful  as approximately 50+  people attended.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

 All are invited to come out to the annual Christmas Tree Lighting .

It will be Friday, November 29, at 6:30 p.m. at the Holdingford Area Historical Museum.

Snacks & hot Cider Presented by Pedals to Petals Garden Club
and the Holdingford Area Historical Society

A bonus this year, the museum will be open and refreshments will be served inside the Museum after the tree lighting.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We have a lot to cerebrate this Thanksgiving at the HAHS.

Through the great generosity of Holdingford native Greg Konsor who has donated a total of $10,000 this year to the HAHS.

So far we have used some of the money to insulate the ceiling of the Museum. 

A specal thank you to Greg Konsor's continuing support of the HAHS.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Petals to Pedals Garden Club is sponsoring with the Historical Society,

the annual lighting of the Christmas tree lights.

This will occur on November 29 at 6:30pm at the Historical Museum.

Cookies, hot cider will be provided .

Everyone is welcome!

Friday, November 01, 2013

'Ask and you shall receive' works some times. 

Had the Mayor put in his monthly report a request if anyone had shelving they would donate to the Historical Society.

We would like to thank local businessman Doug Paggen, who donated 9 sections of metal shelving to the Historical Society.

Also Historical Society President Herman Ebnet & John Buetz brought the shelving down to the Museum.

Big thanks to Doug, Herman & John

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Now we want to get the door facing south fixed, by replacing the plywood with glass!

We have completed the next step.

Great news we had insulation blown in on the ceiling of the Museum today!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Petals to Pedals Garden Club used the south east corner of the Historical building to install their Fall display.
Looks really nice!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

We had the Museum open July 12th for Holdingford Daze.

At that point we did not have electricity, so we had to close early.

Now September 14th we have electricity.

With the help of the City Maintenance department who dug out a trench and filled it with good dirt.

The Petals to Pedals Garden club is creating  garden in front of the Historical Society Building.

Monday, April 01, 2013

 FEBRUARY 4, 2013


Members Present:
Herman Ebnet; President
Joe Christensen
Gene Cipala
Mary Cipala
Bev Eichten
Mark Koehn
Diane Konsor
Sue Marstein
Mike Odden
Ernie Schmit

We had decided not to have a January meeting so February 4 was out first meeting
in 2013. The November 26 minutes (early December meeting) were approved.
Sue reported a balance in our checking account of $5,606.59. Not all the invoices
from the Holiday Home Tour have been paid.
Kathy (Jerome) Ebnet won the bid on our Historical Society Basket that Sue had put 
together for the Silent Auction at Community Country Church for the Home Tour.
 The basket contained a moonshine jug, t-shirt and old time Christmas decorations.
The starting bid was $15.00 and Kathy paid $35.00 for it.
 Mike Odden had received a card and this year's dues from Carol Levensaler in
 Chico, California.

 The metal sheets for the ceiling are in storage. We will need one day (probably in
April) to clean up some items in the building. Mark Koehn mentioned that if we need 
extra help, there is no fee to have "Sentenced to Serve" workers come. We are looking 
to power wash the walls and floor, and paint the walls. Rent a sprayer? We plan to
 put up the insulation and do the lighting after that.

Diane reported that ticket sales totaled $1,690.00 (approximate 30 tickets were sold on
 the tour dates of Dec. 1 & 2 at $12.00.) Expenses totaled $545.96-see attached list.
 She thanked the members for the good job participating as hosts and hostesses at the 

Mike Odden is taking care of filling out the forms for the Initiative Foundation's 
six month review. Our activities include the float in the Holdingford Daze parade in
 July, t-shirts sold at various events and locations, the Welna building restoration, 
the boxcar mural at the Lake Wobegon Bike Trail Head, and the video taken of the 
Milbrandt excavation on the Holdingford Historical Society You Tube Channel.

Ernie Schmit suggested we have Annette Atkins, Interim Executive Director of the
Stearns History Museum, come to our March meeting to talk about possible funding
for us. She can be reached at her email: or at The Museum is located at 235 south 33rd Avenue in
St. Cloud, MN 56301; phone 320-253-2172


1) The Commercial Club is putting together Welcome Baskets to be distributed by City
Hall to families moving into the community. Sue will put together information about
our group to add to the baskets.

2) A Business Fair is being set up at the High School in April-perhaps we will want
to have a booth. More information is to follow.

3) The Commercial Club is distributing a City Directory for 2013 listing phone numbers
 for businesses, churches and the school in February- The Commercial Club is checking 
into having Holdingford Resource Guides printed up by The Enterprise. Albany, Avon
 and Freeport have these booklets to promote their towns including a map of the town,
history, photographs of the car show and parade, businesses, organizations, etc. If 1,000
copies were printed, they would be paid for by advertisers with the following rates:
1/8 page-$57.00, 1/4 page--$98.00, and 1/2 page $181.55.

Kathy (Jerome) Ebnet donated one of the first (never used) Husker Athletic jackets.
Clara Donnelly has donated the following items:

1) Copies of the Holdingford High School annuals~"Holding Memories"

2) Obituary cards of Holdingford area individuals (We plan to have a file of these in
alphabetical order).

3) Newspaper clippings-Herman will put these in a container in the Museum for now.
Donna Nentl has given us:

1) A Calendar of the Popes from 1980 (The Pope had visited Chicago in 1979).

2) "The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass"

NOTE: The ice skating rink at the City Park is now open for use.


Respectfully submitted,
 Diane Konsor



Members Present:
Herman Ebnet, President Jan Klug, Sue Marstein
, Gene Cipala , Mark Koehn Mike Odden
, Lenore Dawson, Diane Konsor,  Ernie Schmit

We decided to have our December meeting a week early (November 26) to finalize
plans for the Holiday Home Tour on Saturday and Sunday, December 1 & 2.

The November 5 minutes were approved. No change in the treasurer's report from
November 5. 
Mark Koehn will take care of the 501(c)3 annual renewal.

 It was decided to wait until spring to put up the steel. (The picnic tables from the
campground are stored in the building now). St Rosa will store the steel for us.
Herman reported they would like a check for $1,000.00 now (the total is $2,000.00).
All in favor to pay the $1,000.00 down.

 The four homes for the Holiday Tour on December 1 &2 are:
 Mike & Ruth Odden Ron & Irene Schmidt, 
Tom & Mary Skudlarek Mark &Val Fugleberg
 Tickets are $10 in advance and then $12 on tour dates. Can be purchased at:
Headley Hardware Hank My Salon Hair Design
 Holdingford Gas & Grocery Paul & Kathy's Supermarket, Upsala, 
Albany Country Floral & Gifts At the homes during tour hours
 We will be selling our Ford in the River books_at the homes, and also Rosanne Voss has 
decorated Elmer's Barbershop for Christmas and it will be open during tour hours.
 She will be selling our books and sweatshirts, etc. in her My Salon shop.
 Diane will set up the work schedule for the homes based on the availability of our
members to host the three hour shifts (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM).
 Ann Wessel of the St .Cloud Times has interviewed Ron & Irene Schmidt at their home
 and taken pictures for an article for the "Life" section of the paper Thursday,
 November 29. There will be information on the other homes and the tour also.The refreshments included in the tour price will be at the Community Country Church
as they have Nativity sets on display, a bake sale going on, and a Silent Auction of
decorated Christmas trees. Our books and tickets will be available to purchase there also.
Sue will put together a basket of Historical Society items for the Silent Auction.
Another event in town that weekend will be the Breakfast with Santa on Sunday, Dec.2
from 9AM to 12:30 PM

There was no other business.
The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Ernie and a second by Mark. AIF

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Konsor

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The History of the Soldiers Shrine of Holdingford
On September 6, 1942, Holdingford, Minnesota dedicated the nation’s first shrine built to honor those who served in the United States Armed Forces, WWII, both abroad and at home. Dubbed as the largest and most spectacular religious event in the history of Holdingford, an estimated five thousand people were in attendance. The day’s ceremonies were opened by a town parade during which two flights of Taylor Cub Airplanes flew in low formation over the line of march and dipped their wings in salute to the Flag.
Among the dignitaries in attendance were Governor Harold Stassen of Minnesota; Fred Schilplin, publisher of the St. Cloud Daily Times; Rev. Gilbert Winkleman, O.S.B, Dean of the School of Architecture at St. John’s University; Charles Brenny, Mayor of Holdingford; Dr. E. J. Schmitz, master-of-ceremonies, and Father J. Kromolicki pastor of St. Hedwig’s Church.
Harold E. Stassen, then Governor of Minnesota gave praise to the countless volunteers making Father J. Kromolicki’s vision a reality and stated that, “ The nation must hold true to the basic rights and precepts given them by God or a just peace would be but a vain hope. America with its grand freedom and its love of justice and truth must take the lead in obtaining a just and lasting peace and not merely an armistice.”
Fred Schilpin, St. Cloud Daily Times, paid tribute to Father Kromolicki, pastor of St. Hedwig’s Church, for his vision and dedication to seeing this undertaking materialize. “This beautiful community’s Soldiers’ Shrine is the expression his love and the love of all the people of Holdingford, Stearns County and central Minnesota for the defenders of democracy everywhere.” And in speaking of the shrine he stated that, “ It will stand through the years as a loving patriotic tribute and a physical emblem of the faith of the whole community of Holdingford.”
Statistics: The Shrine was designed by Rev. Gilbert Winkelman, O.S.B., Dean of the School of Architecture at St. John’s University and constructed by Edward Feia, son Donald, and many parish volunteers. Over 540 loads of fieldstone from area farmers were used in the construction.
Located in the corner lot directly across from St. Hedwig’s Church, the Shrine is 42 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 22 feet high. Four carved angels adorning trumpets stand in procession followed by a large statue of Christ the King. Plaques with names of over one hundred soldiers were at one time embedded into the walls of the shrine, but today are no longer visible. The four crosses on the shrine are in memory of four young men from Holdingford who died during the; (1) Elmer Kerestes, Pearl harbor, (2) Walter R. Mattson, St. Lo, France; (3) Walter Krystosek, Anzio Beach, Italy, and (4) Joseph Troxil, U.S. Navy who died at sea. Recently the crosses have been updated in stainless steel and
the addition on another which is dedicated to all men and women serving in our armed
For seventy years the Shrine nestled in the backdrop of Holdingford has been a symbol of community faith and pride for those who have served and are serving our county. This Shrine has been dutifully kept up by parishioners of All Saints-St. Hedwig and many
members of the community of Holdingford. We call on you to visit the Shrine and take part in the history and pride of Holdingford.

Information provided by the Stearns County History Museum
Article written by Michelle Kiley, Holdingford.
Photos by Deborah Binsfeld, Holdingford.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Way Back When Recipes

Herald-March 1,1951

Corn Flake Kisses

1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1/3 cup melted shortening
1 cup flour (sifted before measuring)
1 cup corn flakes
1 t. baking powder
1/2 t. salt
1/3 cup chopped nuts
1 cup finely cut dates
combine sugar,shortening and egg.sift dry-add to mixture-drop from a teaspoon onto a greased cookie sheet,flatten tops slightly-bake in a 400 oven for 10 minutes

Way Back When

Herald-February 25,1971

Quickest Way to Wipe Out A Friendship is by Sponging

Lane's Lockers
coke-16 oz-8 pkg-plus deposit-89c
Meadow Gold- Ice Cream-1 gal.$1.19
Hollywood Bread-3 for 99c
Oak Grove Cottage Cheese-29c

The Right Place
Newly Remodeled-Every Sunday-After Church Special
Waffles or Hot cakes-with maple syrup-Sausage and Coffee-75c
Raised Doughnuts while you wait-2  and coffee-25c
Big Dinner Special-Broasted Cornish Game Hen-and all the trimmings-and coffee-$1.75
Supper Special- Italian Spaghetti with meatballs ,salad, garlic bread,coffee-$1.50

Herald-March 1,1951
900 boys and girls who are members of 4-H Clubs in Stearns County will be among 2 million rural young people throughout the nation who will observe National 4-H Club Week March 3-11.During the week they will rededicate "heads,hearts,hands and health" to working togetherr toward a better home and world community

Up until Wednesday morning we've had regular spring weather.Saturday it rained all day,followed by lightening that evening.Wednesday at 8:30 am it started snowing and our usual Minnesota Blizzard,with a 50 mile an hour wind is predicted,and by 1:30 pm about 4 inches of snow had fallen,with drifts on Main Street over a foot high .The Holdingford Public School dismissed at 1 pm

Herald-Feb 26,1931

The Holdingford HERALD is your HOME PAPER and should be in every home in the vicinity of Holdingford-THe Herald costs $1.50 a year

Four hundred thousand pounds of tobacco were sold at the Eden Valley warehouse of the Minnesota tobacco pool this week and according to the average price paid the farmers of the pool in that section received $34,000 for their crop

Evaporation, caused by open lakes and drouth, is threatening Minnesota's lakes,reports from the state game and fish department indicated Monday.Weather bureau statistics revealed that the past three months have been the driest in the state's history,Precipitation for February so far is .55 of an inch below normal and during December and January a deficiency of 1.16 inches below normal was recorded.

March 1st,1881,the old state capitol was burned-January 3rd,1905,legislature convened in new State Capitol

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cyril Ebnet Field began with one man’s love of softball and his community

From Dairyland Peach
By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer  May 14, 2012

Cyril Ebnet stands next to a photo montage declaring his love for softball. He gave 37 years to Holdingford softball and was richly rewarded with friends, good memories and a softball field with his name on it.
By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Write
The former baseball field in the northeast corner of Holdingford was transformed into the town’s softball field in 1971, after people were asking Cyril Ebnet to form a slow-pitch softball league.
With the encouragement of Charlie Heidgertken of Freeport, Ebnet had formed a fast-pitch softball team in 1966, which played on Sunday afternoons for four years.
That ended just about the time that a slow-pitch softball league was forming in Freeport. On his way home one day, Ebnet stopped at Schiffler’s Bar in St. Anthony and was urged by Erv Schiffler to form a similar league in Holdingford.
“He told me, if we formed a league, he would sponsor us,” said Ebnet.
So in 1971, Ebnet approached the City Council with a request for start-up funds. “I was dumbfounded when they agreed to give us $3,100,” he said. “The first thing we did was to put up lights.”
The Lions Club put in new restrooms.
Every year, the league held a fundraising tournament, which paid for continuing improvements at the field.
The first fencing for the field was a snow fence. Thus, new fencing was the first major expenditure. Later came a new concession stand. Then the fence was moved back because it was too close to the field.
Sprinklers were soon added and later a new backstop installed.
“The only thing which was never replaced were the bleachers,” Ebnet said. “We did put in new plank seats and painted them, and put a roof over it for shade. Later a fence along the sides and behind the back row was added for safety reasons.”
All new dugouts were built later, and the field was also redone with new sod and lime.
Ebnet managed the league for the Holdingford American Legion. For about four to five years, he also managed a team and played at whatever position he was needed.
“That got to be too much, so I had to cut back to just be league manager and field supervisor,” said Ebnet.
After Ebnet had knee surgery, which was followed by an infection, he had to give up managing the softball league.
He was manager for 37 years during a time when the league played four nights a week through the summer months. He and his wife were still milking cows.
There were four games a night starting at 6:30 p.m., with an hour allowed for each game.
“We thank God that our family was there to help out,” said Ebnet.
“They ran the concessions until we got there,” said his wife, Donna.
“We met so many people from the area,” said Ebnet. “There were teams from Upsala, Little Falls, Sobieski, Bowlus, Royalton, Avon, Albany, St. Rosa and Sauk Centre.”
There were a pair of teams from Upsala, a team of mothers and a team of daughters, that always drew a good crowd when they played each other.
“We always had a nice crowd,” Ebnet said. “Even the umpires told me one time, they’d never seen that many people at games, and they’d umped a lot of places.”
One year, Ebnet announced that the first woman to hit a home run over the fence would get a case of beer. “No woman had hit a home run at that time,” he said.
The winner was Nicole Quistorf in late June 2003. She hit a ball 280 feet into left center field, according to a carefully kept newspaper clipping.
Four teams went to the National Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament during Ebnet’s time managing the league. One team was from Kroska Motors in Holdingford, one from Cans R Us in Swanville, another from Linda B’s in St. Rosa and one from DB’s Bar and Grill in Meire Grove.
In 1986, the softball field was named “Cyril Ebnet Field,” something that took Ebnet completely by surprise. “No one had said a word,” he said.
In 1997, he was inducted into the Minnesota Softball Hall of Fame as a promoter/organizer. Gary Zapzalka spearheaded that surprise.
It looks like softball is making a comeback in Holdingford starting June 1 with Friday night games, sponsored by Community Education and the city of Holdingford. Registration runs through May 18, with a managers meeting May 23 at 7 p.m. in the Holdingford High School Board Room. For more information call Community Education at (320) 746-4464, or 4311.