Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Grandma's post card collection

Many years ago, my grandmother gave me her collection of post cards. She explained to me that as
a young girl back then they would collect them much as people collect baseball cards. They would be in series and tell stories as one collected each post card. I don't remember her saying if they were bought in packs or individually. A couple of samples Any way you may want to check out more of them here



Dick Schmidt said...

Thanks for sharing the great post card collection.

My Grandparents, Otto and Marie Schmidt, were longtime residents of Holdingford. Most of my father's clan were from farms in that area.

Mike said...

Dick, I'm glad you enjoyed them. They are fun to look at.

CreditBlogger said...

I love vintage cards and I'm fond of looking through the sites displaying cards from different countries. The cards you gave a link to are just marvellous!