Sunday, February 18, 2007

Holdingford Baseball

Baseball has a long history in Holdingford, John Ebnet former businessman and owner of Holdingford's "Our Own Hardware' store relates about the Ebnet family's involvement in baseball.:
Baseball team had 15 Ebnet relatives
In 1948, there were eight brothers in the Ebnet family on the Holdingford amateur baseball team. Frank Ebnet, the father of the boys, was the team’s manager. There would have been a ninth brother on the team, but Nick Ebnet died at the age of 32.
Lloyd and Cyril Ebnet were also on the Holdingford team. Lloyd and Cyril were nephews of the brothers on the team.
The team played some exhibition games during the season under the lights in Albany. For two games, Holdingford added LeRoy Ebnet, Mike Ebnet, Vernon Ebnet and Art Ebnet to the roster. Holdingford got beat by Farming and then beat St. Martin.
The Ebnet brothers had a cousin, Linus Ebnet, who played in the Northern League. But Linus died after getting hit in the head during a Northern League game. This was in the days before players wore helmets. Ambrose “Lefty” Ebnet, one of the brothers, pitched for Winnipeg in the Northern League in the 1930s and 1940s.

(front row, left to right) are LeRoy Ebnet, Mike Ebnet, Vernon Ebnet and Art Ebnet; (middle row) George Ebnet, Alfred Ebnet, Cyril Ebnet, Elmer Ebnet, Leo Ebnet and Joe Ebnet; (back row) Ambrose “Lefty” Ebnet, John Ebnet, Frank Ebnet, Roman Ebnet and Lloyd Ebnet. Frank was the father of Ambrose, John, Roman, George, Alfred, Elmer, Leo and Joe. Cyril and Lloyd were Frank’s great-nephews and Mike was Frank’s brother. Vernon, LeRoy and Art were nephews of Frank’s.

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