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Holdingford Advertiser May 20-1920

Way Back When
Holdingford Advertiser-May,20,1920 \retrieved by Kathy

John Grossman,Nick Theilen and Manly Immeral,all of Avon were discovered early Monday morning by sheriff Schoener in the act of transporting a complete still and thirteen barrels and two milk cans fit for distillation.The name of John Rass, also of Avon was given by the men as that of the owner of the still which they claim to have been moving in an attempt to circumvent the federal officers who were warm on the trail of the law breakers. The mash was destroyed at the direction of the sheriff and the apparatus is in his custody at his office.

Automobile speeders in the downtown district of Holdingford are becoming numerous and the law governing t5he speed regulations within the limits should be enforced.

Bids will be received to 8:00 p.m.,on june 7th,1920 for the labor of building 275 feet of six-foot cement sidewalk,according to grade,with 2 driveways and 3 street crossings. Said sidewalk beginning at lot 11, running south to corner of lot 22, Batz & Herman Addition, in the Village of Holding.The council reserves the right to reject any and all bids.Dated at Holdingford,Mn. on May 18,1920
Geo. M. Meller (recorder)

Communication was recevied from Cyril Stodolka, the Royalton flyer, in which he stated that he would visit Holdingford the fore part of next week with his Curtiss plane and will take up passengers who wish to try the sensation. Permission was granted by Frank Meier to use his field as a landing place. Watch for him.

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