Friday, September 19, 2014

Cool new addition to the Holdingford museum. A 1954 Rock-ola Jute Box model #1438

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Anonymous said...

This comment is in regards to the 1954 Rockola Juke Box donated to the Holdingford Museum. My Dad, Alvin Wolney purchased this from someone in Holdingford for $25. I think we bought it around 1977 or so. From what I understand, it was the jukebox that was originally housed in The Corner Kitchen in Holdingford. The plastic light covers on the front sides were painted in green and red stripes. My dad and I spent hours and weeks carefully scraping the paint off of the plastic covers, each little cranny, and crook. We didn't use any paint remover as to not damage the plastic. You can still see the red paint in the cracks on the plastic. We also had the same meticulous process for the front grill as well. I think if you look closely you can also see the paint inside the small grill holes. It was a true labor of love. We also had to have it repaired several times as the functionality of it wasn't great when we bought it, and then just the general upkeep of it. Later we added some contact paper and a few pictures of Elvis to the side of it. It wasn't restored to original but it was definitely a nice addition to our music loving home. Glad to see it's back in Holdingford where it belongs.